Selfservice portals

Create a digital interface to your B2B customers with a selfservice portal.

You are a manufacturer or wholesaler of technically complex products in need of explanation in an industry such as the automotive aftermarket or mechanical engineering?! Find out here how a selfservice portal functions as a digital contact point and permanent interface to your B2B customers. Business customers can use it to inform themselves and also order directly. At the same time, your service employees are relieved and additional business is generated. For this, rely on a proven high-tech platform from Speed4Trade. This will give you the decisive competitive leverage, long-term customer loyalty and new sales potential.

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B2B customers want to solve routine issues themselves - 24/7

With a selfservice portal, you actively involve your customers in processes and address their frequent need to be able to solve problems themselves. Customers can order spare parts online, confirm delivery dates or plan the upcoming repair date for the machine in use. And all of these 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, all routine activities such as viewing service tickets or the order history are covered in a cost-saving manner on both sides

B2B customers need access to a wide range of information

Via a selfservice portal, demanding B2B customers can access important information around the clock. And without having to wait for an answer by e-mail or telephone. In the B2B sector, a diverse pool of information often needs to be mapped around technical specifications, attributes, shapes and dimensions. This also includes contact points, sales documents, advertising material, product catalogues or repair and installation instructions. All of this must be made available in multimedia form (text, images, video, etc.). 

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Digitalized sales processes lower costs and reduce errors

If you want to sell spare parts or the like via your portal, reliable processes are of paramount importance. Fail-safe platform technologies and online assistants that can be integrated ensure optimal ordering processes. If fast-moving items are processed automatically via an integrated B2B online shop, there is more time for intensive consultation with customers with sales potential.

Integrate customer service processes perfectly digitally

In B2B business, what happens after the purchase is also crucial for the success of the business relationship. Digitizing customer service holds valuable and often still untapped potential for additional business. Via a selfservice portal, the customer can act immediately when a problem arises – be it via digital appointment, service ticket or remote service.

Highly flexible and user-friendly front end for your service portal

Despite all the functional diversity, a user-friendly interface is of particular importance. B2B customers today expect a similarly intuitive shopping experience as they are used to in the B2C sector. This is supplemented by B2B-specific enhancements.

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A future-proof service portal is optimally integrated within the IT infrastructure

A globally positioned portal already supports scalable business models, fast onboarding and high efficiency in service at its core. The potential of a selfservice portal only comes to fruition when all processes are interlinked and surrounding systems communicate perfectly. For example, a service portal feeds on data from the neighboring ERP system. 

Your IT department will be thrilled

Secure connection to the most important corporate systems and efficient automation are the key success factors for a selfservice portal. To achieve this, we rely on flexible connection methods (web service, API, FTP) in Speed4Trade COMMERCE. As an integration service provider, we draw on over 15 years of experience in networking a wide variety of systems and platforms. Whether SAP OCI (Open Catalog Interface) or EDI connections, XML via SOAP or REST with JSON or simple CSV files: We connect worlds.

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Read here in our white papers which criteria determine the success of digital B2B or B2C platforms.


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Read here in our white papers which criteria determine the success of digital B2B or B2C platforms.

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Your digital project in focus!

In which project may we support you?

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