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B2B trade: Not too late, but high time for the right enterprise solution

B2B online purchases are continuously increasing. The business customer expects a shopping experience like the one he knows from the leading B2C shops and marketplaces (consumerization). The boundaries of classic B2B commerce must be extended towards the customer with B2B shops and portals. A solid Commerce-Plattform forms the basis for further turnover.
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Acquiring and retaining customers with B2B portals

Prozesse im B2B-Portal

Self-service offerings increase customer satisfaction in B2B

The self-service-oriented business customer expects digital solutions for information, sales and customer service processes – around the clock. This can only be achieved with modern eCommerce technologies and platforms. User-friendly interfaces paired with B2B-specific functions in order processing, approval workflows and price management as well as after-sales processes lead to success.

Create targeted customer loyalty in B2B

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B2B online shop: Automated processes lower costs and reduce failures

Digital transformation is essentially nothing more than the optimization of business processes with internet technologies. In B2B sales, the focus is on pre-sales, sales and after-sales processes. Implementing a “simple” B2B shop is too short-sighted. What is required is a linkage and coordination of all information, sales and customer service processes. The goal is to increase productivity and efficiency through the integration and automation of work processes within the B2B platform.

The claim: Thinking processes from the customer

Automatisierte Prozesse im B2B-Onlineshop

Order processing (order management) and approval workflows in B2B trade

It all starts with the request for quotation (RFQ) and the purchase order request (BANF). At best, the buyer starts the ordering process from his purchasing system (e.g. SAP PunchOut). There he makes the selection via the purchasing portal and completes the shopping basket via the release and order workflow in his own, internal system.

Purchasing and budget limits per user, group or period, cost centres and PO numbers (Purchase Order Number) are supported. The automation of processes based on the EDI and OCI transmission protocols are standard here.

This is how the ordering process is perfected in the B2B sector

Komposition Reifen und Felge

Highly flexible and user-friendly frontend in the B2B portal

With all the functional diversity, a user-friendly user interface is of particular importance. Functions learned from B2C trade (keyword: consumerization) are also obligatory in B2B business. These are supplemented by B2B-specific extensions.

Integrated services for easy handling in B2B eCommerce

Weltkarte für globale B2B-Plattform

Features of a global B2B platform: future-proof, scalable, international

Thinking about tomorrow today. New customer groups, new countries. A globally positioned B2B platform already supports scalable business models at its core. Set up as a multi- or sub-shop system, the platform avoids redundant developments.

Fast onboarding and high efficiency in service accelerate the introduction of new brands and business areas as well as international rollouts. The basis: agile development, test and go-live processes. Result: Pole position for new market trends and changed customer behaviour.

Strong core for reliable mapping of complex processes

Vernetzte Systeme

Your IT department will be thrilled

Our customers regularly manage several hundred thousand items in B2B and B2C trade in a highly dynamic competitive environment. A stable and robust system is an absolute must. Perfect integration of your IT systems gives you the decisive edge. Secure connections to the most important company systems and efficient automation are the key success factors.

Flexible connection variants (web service, API, FTP) to your internal IT infrastructure also enable the integration of older systems (legacy systems). As an Integration Service Provider, we can draw on over 15 years of experience in networking a wide variety of systems and platforms. Whether SAP OCI (Open Catalog Interface) or EDI connections, XML via SOAP or JSON or simple CSV files: We connect worlds.

Proven technologies for your success in B2B business

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Read here in our white papers which criteria determine the success of digital B2B or B2C platforms.


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Read here in our white papers which criteria determine the success of digital B2B or B2C platforms.

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Your digital project in focus!

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