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The Trend Reports provides reports about the focus topics of the automotive parts and tyre trade with reports, comments and market studies. Gain fresh impulses, technical insights and solution perspectives for your digitalisation project!

Trend Report 01 | 2020

The digitalisation of the auto parts trade and tyre trade is progressing. The entire automotive industry is subject to technological upheavals. But it‘s no longer just software, interfaces and the quality of processes that matter: In the age of digitalisation, the human factor is moving into the center of attention, because the best software is no guarantee for a successful auto parts trade if it‘s not managed with common sense and sufficient expertise.

The Trend Report 01 | 2020 with the focus topic “The Automotive Aftermarket in Focus of progressive digitalisation” therefore deals with the latest trends such as headless-commerce-software, product data management (PDM) and new study results that allow conclusions to be drawn about the best approach.

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Trend Report 01 | 2019

In the future others will decide in which workshop the car will be repaired: In the automotive parts aftermarket, new competitors from outside the industry such as insurance companies, automobile clubs and leasing companies are preparing to win over workshop customers. With the help of sophisticated parts and workshop portals, traders can react to the loss of customers.

The Trend Report 01 | 2019 with the focus on "Platforms in the automotive aftermarket" is dedicated to this and other current discussion topics, such as the requirements for complete wheel configurators, honest practical insights into online shop projects and the future projects in the automotive aftermarket.

Trend Report 01 | 2018

The structures of the classic automotive after-sales market are breaking down and the competition in the parts, accessories and tyre market is becoming tougher: marketplace giants such as Amazon are discovering automotive parts as a profitable business segment and the number of independent stationary parts traders is steadily declining.

The Trend Report 01 | 2018 "Competitive in the digital automotive parts and tyre trade" provides interesting articles on the online development of the parts market, the role of data management, the advantages of individually adaptable shop solutions and the levers for successful marketplace trading via eBay or Amazon.

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