Tyre & rim configurator Speed4Trade WHEEL

The right rim for the tyre
Complete wheel configurator as a turbocharger for more turnover

Successful online trading with tyres and rims requires a solution that reliably maps the complex allocation logic. Speed4Trade WHEEL digitizes the consulting and configuration process for complete wheels. With the tyre and rim configurator suppliers save time and money, as well as increase their sales rates.

Tyre & rim configurator Speed4Trade WHEEL

Tyres and rims in high demand online
Reliable configuration promotes sales

When buying complete wheels, the end customer leaves nothing to chance. Preference is given to the desired rim and matching tyre, which can be ordered comfortably from home. Consumers are particularly Internet-savvy when it comes to tyres. For suppliers, this means additional sales potential. The aim is to offer the right rim for the tyre size with the right RDKS/TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system) for the vehicle and tyres. And at best, on all channels: online, mobile and locally at the POS.

Advantages for tyre and rim suppliers (B2B/B2C)

    • Ensures correct allocation (vehicle tyre-rim-RDKS/TPMS) thanks to a high-performance data interface
    • Reduces the complexity of countless wheel compositions and increases sales rates
    • Versatile applications: B2C shop, B2B tyre portal, online marketplaces, POS

    • More turnover with complete wheels: sell the right rim for the tyre (rims achieve higher margins than tyres)
    • Shortens the consulting process in the pre-sales phase for complete wheels: enables time savings, cost reduction and simultaneously sales promotion online, mobile or locally

  • You can read in "8 KEYS TO SUCCESS for Digital Tyre & Rim Trading with Complete Wheel Configurator" how tyre and rim configurators play a role in success in the digital tyre and rim trade as well as how you can make your online offer fit for the future.
  • 8 KEYS TO SUCCESSPDF-Dokument 1,5 MB

Customer service 4.0 thanks to Speed4Trade WHEEL

In order to offer complete wheels safely, customer-oriented and efficiently without media breaks, a smart configurator is necessary. Speed4Trade WHEEL is the right answer. This allows customers to combine to how they wish the content and receive their tyre and rim selection visualized on the vehicle, digitally. The product configurator reduces complexity by reliably and efficiently outputting the tyre offers exactly matching to the vehicle. The consulting and configuration process is mapped digitally. This saves time and money for the sales staff.

  • Tyre Configurator Mobile & Desktop

  • Perfectly integrated tyre and rim configurator

    • Provides experience, the customer configures digitally, displays complete wheel selection individually on the vehicle (attention to detail, sophisticated technical details)
    • Individual integration in the look and feel of the front end (online, mobile, POS), thanks to its performance, there is no longer any noticeable complexity in the shop front end
    • Integration and connection to the ERP system, where stock availability and current price is queried
    • Process continuously covered, without media breaks: Rim selection visualized on vehicle + tyre selection + RDKS/TPMS selection + purchase of complete package e.g. online + selection of mounting partners
    • Tailor-made for your individual product range (e.g. your own rim series) as a Software as a Service
    • Specific requirements such as ABE documents (German General Operating Permits) and tyre tests solved in the shop
  • Tyre configurator Speed4Trade WHEEL POS

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