Marketplace Integration

Benefit from a strong marketplace integration
Sell on eBay, Amazon, DAPARTO & Co. – via a single platform

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Marketplaces are the first choice for all dealers, such as car parts dealers, to quickly and easily start online trading. Established online dealers must also include marketplaces in their online trading activities in order to benefit from the strong marketing presence and customer frequency.

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Integrating marketplaces as additional sales channels

Via eBay, Amazon, idealo, DAPARTO & Co., dealers and manufacturers of the automotive aftermarket quickly generate a high reach and awareness as well as access new customer groups. As with the online shop, however, professional integration and functional processes in the background are essential.

The Integration Platform Speed4Trade CONNECT offers interfaces to the largest and best-known online marketplaces in the world.

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  • Advantages of a central marketplace integration

    • All offers are centralised in one single eCommerce-Software
    • Reduce maintenance effort
    • Centrally control marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, DAPARTO & Co.
    • Comprehensive product ranges securely transferred to marketplaces
  • ALFAH Parts
  • Amazon
  • CHECK24

  • eBay
  • idealo DIREKTKAUF
  • OTTO
  • Pitstraat
  • TYRE24
  • TyreSystem
  • yatego

Place offers automatically on marketplaces

Set your product range on several sales channels at the same time. Speed4Trade CONNECT makes the offer listing convenient through automated setting and ensures the quality of the transfer. Manual activities in the marketplace backend are thus a thing of the past.

A central eCommerce system with integrated end-to-end process flows ensures a considerable reduction in maintenance. With Speed4Trade CONNECT, you also can maintain and manage extensive product ranges with tens of thousands of items and variants from one system.

Transfer sales offers quickly, automatically and securely to attractive trading platforms and online marketplaces.

  • More sales power for your automotive business

    • Easy and fast access to online trading
    • Set marketplace offers automatically
    • Serve international markets easily (e.g. via eBay and Amazon)
    • Use Amazon as the largest product search engine in the world
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Sales planning and automated listing

Reach different customer groups with individual sales strategies. For the offer preparation, you can use customized offer templates in your corporate design as well as modules and placeholders for texts and product images. Make all marketplace-specific settings for your products, such as categories, prices, payment methods, shipping costs or special attributes. The interactive stock update synchronises stock and quantity distribution across all marketplaces and other sales channels.

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  • Effective product listing with Speed4Trade CONNECT

    • Individual sales strategies possible
    • Offerings templates, building blocks and placeholders for attractive offers
    • Position synchronisation prevents over-sales

Order processing control

  • Central order processing in one software package

    • Maintain data in a central system
    • Filter orders by marketplace
    • Comprehensive support for all order processes
  • Speed4Trade CONNECT offers you a setup in one central system:
    All orders can be filtered by marketplace.

    The integration platform automatically retrieves all orders placed in the online shop and marketplaces via an interface. A basic requirement for the fast dispatch of goods.

Support of customer communication and aftersales processes

Speed4Trade CONNECT enables automated communication with interested parties and buyers, e.g. in the form of status messages. In the aftersales area, the after-purchase processes are handled and automated as far as possible.
Use rating templates and define the time, at which a positive rating is to be given to an eBay buyer. Topics such as cancelled orders or various discrepancies can also be found in this area, so that you always retain full control.

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  • Benefit from Speed4Trade CONNECT and high-reach online marketplaces

    • Create new sales opportunities
    • Generate fast reach and high visitor frequency
    • Reduce data maintenance effort
    • Continuous processes

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