Enterprise Shop System

Enterprise Shop System for B2B and B2C Commerce –
future-proof for your digital business with automotive parts, accessories & services

Spare parts suppliers, chain stores and manufacturers have to face digitisation. Automobile parts data are complex. This has to be optimally mapped online. An off-the-shelf shop system does not offer a sufficient solution. There is the need of a future-proof, sustainable solution architecture.

Shop system | Speed4Trade

Agile Shop System Frontend:
Be at all displays and future formats

Customers want to shop in any situation at any time. Online. Mobile via smartphone. At the point of sale in branches and workshops. The goal: To position automobile parts, tyres, accessories and services across all customer touchpoints. The duty: On all digital displays (desktop PC, tablet, smartphone). The special feat: Networked with the point of sale in the car dealership or workshop.

The highly flexible frontend of Speed4Trade’s enterprise shop system provides the right base. Thanks to high-quality responsive design, car parts, tyres & services are staged in all conceivable dimensions.

  • Responsive Design | Speed4Trade

  • Enterprise Shop System for your unique automotive business model

    • Forward-looking Commerce Technologies
    • Adaptable and scalable according to any business scenario
    • Dynamic Responsive Frontend
    • Smartphone, Tablet, Apps, »Internet of Things«

Digital finishing of data-driven automobile parts assortments
with high-performance enterprise software

Video from the series – How digitisation works: High Peformance Shop

For data-driven automobile parts assortments, one thing is needed above all: A high-performance product data management (PDM). Speed4Trade COMMERCE creates the right base for this as a robust enterprise commerce platform with a PDM or PIM module (Product Information Management). Attribute-rich parts assortments with complex data structures are thus optimally presented.

The basic data is automatically retrieved from parts catalogues such as TecDoc. A high volume of data is generated by item variants, product sets, images, text attributes and tables with vehicle compatibilities.

The especially for the automotive aftermarket developed Enterprise Shop System proves its worth particularly with a high amount of traffic. The high-performance platform combines a strong engine at its core with an efficient lightweight construction on the surface. Its basis is scalable Java Enterprise Technology.

  • Speed4Trade COMMERCE
    for a wide range of automobile parts assortments

    • High-performance PDM or PIM module for central data enrichment
    • Connection to proven parts catalogues such as TecDoc
    • Java Enterprise Technology handles high data volumes
    • Comfortable enhancement functions
  • parts catalogue | Speed4Trade

Offer customer-oriented and efficient services

  • In the sub-sector, it is increasingly important to map unique service offerings and customer-oriented processes.

    Speed4Trade COMMERCE offers a secure, cross-process connection to the Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP). It gets to the point that by ordering the wheel set including assembly, the available lifting platform in the workshop is also scheduled.

  • Service offerings for greater customer loyalty

    • Performant output of vehicle compatibility
    • Extended search and filter functions for parts assortments
    • Highest reliability
    • Continuous integration of service modules (e.g. assembly services)

Connect Online Marketplaces:
Overall architectural multi-channel approach

Sales channels | Speed4Trade

  • Spare parts and tyre suppliers use the high reach and visitor frequency of online marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon.

    Thanks to Speed4Trade COMMERCE with a strong middleware, parts offers are channeled by marketplace. Marketplace-compliant attributes ensure that the offers end up at the top of the search results of eBay & Co.

  • Marketplaces as additional sales channels

    • Online marketplaces guarantee additional sales opportunities
    • Reliably connect marketplaces with a high-performance middleware
    • Offer product ranges simultaneously on several channels
    • Continuous integrations for eBay, Amazon, DAPARTO

Lean integration of sophisticated function modules

Special industries require special solutions. For example, the online tyre trade is all about mapping the complexity of complete wheels. A specialised complete wheel configurator organises the countless wheel compositions. Product configurators already established on the market can be flexibly integrated. Unique components (customisation) can also be developed individually for your business.

With Speed4Trade COMMERCE, the product configurator and front-end interact in the best possible way.
The product composition (e.g. complete wheel) fits stylishly into the overall shop picture.

  • Industry-established best-in-class solutions

    • Flexible docking and undocking of third-party systems
    • Component based high-end platform architecture
    • Efficient module integration in the look and feel of the front-end
    • Shop add-on solutions efficiently integrated
  • Complete Wheel Configurator | Speed4Trade

Examples of our enterprise projects

  • B2C shop for selling tyres, rims and services with a scheduling module for wheel assembly in the workshop, including connection to the internal Enterprise Resource Planning system
  • Intelligent complete wheel configurator within a B2C tyre shop
  • Realisation of B2C shops and mobile applications with interactive Omni-Channel functions:

Click & Collect: Customer orders goods within the online shop and picks them up at the store of his choice
Click & Service: Customer orders goods in the online shop and has them assembled on site in the workshop
Branch finder within the online shop
Make an appointment in the desired store

  • Store system for return/residual item sales on eBay: A special user interface was developed for branch employees at different locations, which enables the listing of returns or residual items on eBay.
  • Realisation of various B2B shops for the tyres and automobile spare parts sector
  • Marketplace platform for buying and selling tyres and rims
  • Platform for the management of storage for tyres/wheels
  • International rollouts for B2C and B2B shops, cross-sectoral

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