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Future customer access in the automotive aftermarket increasingly via digital platforms

Megatrends such as electric cars, car sharing and connected cars are shaping the automotive industry. The automotive aftermarket is already facing new challenges. Digitalisation is changing customer behavior. Consolidation is changing the competitive landscape. Online players originally from outside the industry bind sales and market shares.

For manufacturers, wholesalers, classic dealers and store chains in the automobile parts and tyre environment the central question is: Who has direct access to the customer? And who keeps it, because online marketing is becoming more and more expensive. Therefore it is important to keep the new customer as a regular customer as long as possible in the own platform ecosystem. This requires a solid platform foundation: the commerce platform from Speed4Trade.

  • Future-proof Commerce Platform

    The commerce platform of Speed4Trade forms the technological basis for the development of individual online shops, parts and workshop portals and virtual marketplaces. It also offers connection to existing trading platforms such as eBay or Amazon.

  • Video: Commerce-Plattformen gehört die Zukunft | Speed4Trade
    Video: Commerce platforms belong to the future | Speed4Trade
  • The future belongs to Commerce Platforms

    • Changes in the automotive aftersales market require digital strategies and platform models
    • Open up customer access through platform ecosystem
    • Commerce Platforms as the technological base for digital business models
    • Speed4Trade COMMERCE grows with customer requirements

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Business scenarios
based on Speed4Trade COMMERCE with guaranteed success

The flexible and scalable structure of the commerce platform begins where standard shop systems often limit the business model and make it difficult to differentiate from the competition. In addition, the platform beats rigid monolithic overall solutions in terms of lightness, as these generate ballast and unnecessary costs (performance and maintenance) through unused features.

Speed4Trade is not only a manufacturer, but also an agile enterprise service provider. A concentrated development team within our crew drives your digital project forward. You benefit from customer-specific functions and integrated third-party systems on the platform – centrally from a single source. Last but not least, the industry expertise of Speed4Trade speaks a clear language: For about 15 years, the software house has been developing digital solutions for the automotive aftermarket and shows well-known players in its reference list .

  • Development of a competitive online shop for automobile parts, tyres and rims

    There are various possibilities of the Commerce Platform in the shop environment: the connection of special parts catalogues, the high-performance output of countless vehicle allocations to automobile parts or a sophisticated 3D tyre-rim configurator, which provides the customer a comfortable shopping experience and motivates him to buy again.

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  • Creation of a parts and workshop portal or marketplace

    Wholesale cooperations, associations or branch networks can operate a marketplace where they offer parts and workshop services. The customer chooses the suitable spare part and the workshop of his confidence. Special services such as appointment bookings, fleet management, rental cars or tyre storage – if required also via app – complement the portal. Speed4Trade COMMERCE is specially designed for marketplace models with several sellers and requirements in the areas of quotation listing, order control, commission accounting, as well as shop-in-shop concepts.

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  • Rely on the integration of existing online marketplaces

    If you don’t want to set up your own shop or marketplace right away, you can trade via already existing, high-reach marketplaces. The commerce platform offers a suitable connect component with interfaces to eBay, Amazon or Tyre24. The seamless integration of the ERP system infrastructure and logistics ensures a high level of process automation.

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Future technologies pave your way for strategic advantages

Speed4Trade COMMERCE is based on trend-setting enterprise technologies like Java, Elasticsearch & Co. Backend and frontend are decoupled from each other and form a lightweight, high-performance overall system. The modularised Microservices-Architecture enables the gradual expansion of the business model to a fully developed platform ecosystem. Microservices combined with the container virtualization of Docker software simplify the deployment of individual applications. Integrated REST APIs (Application Programming Interface) as key technology enable compatibility and connectivity to all IT systems. The complete technology package of Speed4Trade COMMERCE provides the optimal conditions for platform operation in Cloud, if desired.

  • Platform technologies for enterprise projects

    • Component based high-end platform architecture
    • Flexible use of modules based on Microservices
    • Future-oriented Java enterprise technology
    • Interface connection in all directions and to
      internal company processes
    • Long-term safe, stable, and reliable

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A selection of intelligent components & modules that shoulder your digital business

  • Buyer Experience
    • Top offers: e.g. special prices, special offers (bundles)
    • Full text search and filter option in the search results
    • User-friendly product detail pages: Description texts, media elements, product ratings
    • Selection options for variants and product comparisons
    • Memo function and e-mail notification when item is available
    • Mapping of Click & Collect, Click & Reserve and Click & Service
    • Selection options in the checkout process (e.g. shipping service provider, payment method)
    • Order possibilities as a guest
    User Interface
    • Responsive design: show on all output devices
    • Display user- and conversion-optimised home pages, category and product texts
    • Home page with options for quick search, item gallery, top seller, SALE and text content
    • Cross and upselling items
    • Landingpages for promotions, manufacturers and brand presentations
    • Multilingual user interface depending on user location
    • User- and conversion-optimised presentation in search engines
    • Performance evaluations (e.g. conversion rate, hits/bums, average shopping basket)
    • Promotions (e.g. discount promotions, bundles, add-ons, voucher control, sale)
    • Promotion-related and customisable landing pages
    • SEO-friendly representation of the link structure, meta data etc.
    • Presentation and assignment of cross-selling items
  • Retailer Functions
    • Multi-client capability
    • Roles and rights management for users (e.g. accounting, customer service)
    • Managing manufacturers, brands, payment and shipping service providers, warehouse and stock maintenance
    • Order and merchant billing management
    • Content management system for the maintenance of the homepage, category and other content pages
    • Multi-vendor functions like on a marketplace
    • Own access areas for each vendor (administration of orders, news etc.)
    • Administration of international shops (e.g. product, price, sizes, currencies)
    Integration and Interfaces
    • Connection to ERP systems (e.g. prices, stocks, items)
    • Connection to trading platforms (e.g. eBay, Amazon, etc.)
    • Integration of product data catalogues (e.g. TecDoc Catalogue, jfnetwork)
    • Interfaces to payment and shipping service providers
    • Integration of Google applications (e.g. Google Universal Analytics) and rating tools
    • Connection to price comparison portals (e.g. Google Merchant, CHECK24)
    • Integration of shop certifications, newsletter services and legal texts
    • Use of Java enterprise technology
    • Built in Microservice system architecture
    • Guaranteed scalability with Amazon Web Service (AWS)
    • Compatibility and connectivity through REST API technology
    • High performance PostgreSQL database
    • Use of the search and analytics engine Elasticsearch

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